Why You Should Install an Irrigation System For Your Lawn

If you have one, now is the time to make sure your irrigation system is in working order for the summer. If you don’t have an irrigation system, now is the time to consider having All Oregon Landscaping install one for you. Regardless, now is the time to plan for those warm and dry summer months in Oregon and Washington. Considering how sporadic and unpredictable our weather can be, today we thought we’d give you some insight into the the benefits of having an irrigation system and what the most common concerns are with them. Everyone wants a great looking lawn, and today’s information will teach you how to take care of your lawn without wasting too much water and money. All Oregon Landscaping is happy to have a great relationship with both Rain Bird and Hunter Industries, leaders in the sprinkler system and water management industry. Their products have always provided the best solutions for any lawn watering issues.

lawn irrigation and All Oregon Landscaping
Hunter Industries is proud to have installed the latest irrigation system at Arlington Cemetery. Photo from www.hunterindustries.com.

Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

  • Save Time – No more unrolling and rolling up hoses. Have time to enjoy your lawn instead of worry whether it is getting enough water.
  • Save Money – It is proven that your water bills will be lower and your landscapes live longer.
  • Save Water – Statistics show that using a sprinkler system uses less water than watering by hand. Installing an irrigation system is eco-friendly.
  • Peace of Mind – Never have to remember to water the lawn again. Automatic settings water your lawn with no effort on your part. You’ll no longer need to plan ahead to ensure the lawn is looking good in order to invite friends and neighbors over. With an irrigation system, your lawn will always look flawlessly vibrant.

Installing an irrigation system can be very beneficial to Oregon homeowners. The summer months are  extremely dry and  your lawn can suffer immensely if it gets too dry. A yard that gets too dry is much harder to correct than you might think, and it takes a lot more water! Besides costing more money, wasting extra water to repair your lawn is not very Earth friendly.

Common Concerns With Irrigation Systems

There are several things that can make your yard seem difficult to water or cause concern for customers.

Some of the most common concerns we hear from customers:

  • Yards with slopes and hills causing standing water and puddles at the bottom.
  • Different types of plants. Yards with grass, flowers, trees, shrubs, or any variety of plants requires individualized water supplies. We recommend a drip irrigation system in order to customize areas based on certain plant needs.
  • Oddly shaped sections of the yard that require watering.
  • Small lawns, where you end up giving a nice shower to the sidewalk or other hard surfaces.
  • Over-watering. It is a waste of water and money to have your sprinkler system on in the rain.
  • Compacted soil that causes water to run off without soaking into the ground.
  • Water pressure problems.

irrigation system installed by All Oregon Landscaping

All of the above are real lawn irrigation issues and deserve to be addressed individually as they apply to your lawn. All Oregon Landscaping is proficient in all of the best ways to solve these problems and would love to show you exactly how to best utilize the settings on your irrigation system control panel.  To make sure that you have the proper settings, controls and products for your yard this summer, trust the landscaping experts at All Oregon Landscaping. We can direct you to the best Rain Bird and Hunter Industries products for your lawn and show you the best way to keep your lawn green all year long.



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