How to Protect Patio Furniture from Sun Damage

1960016_750624268289163_429737739_nPatio furniture is meant to be in the sun. Most individuals who have patio furniture understand the importance of protecting it from rain and inclement weather in order to keep it in great shape for many seasons. Though often the very thing that the furniture helps us enjoy, the sun, can cause as much damage to the furniture as moisture. Protecting your favorite outdoor furnishings from the sun is important to keep the items looking and feeling new for many years.

Types of Patio furniture and Ways to Protect Them

Although it does take a little time and effort when properly protecting patio furniture, the results can add life and beauty to your outdoor living space. How long it takes to prep the items and how labor intensive it is depends on a few factors including the current condition of the furniture and what type of material it is. Start by making sure it is sound and worth protecting, then thoroughly clean each piece.

Fabric –  If your furniture has outdoor upholstery components, follow the instructions for washing and make sure it dries completely to prevent mold and mildew. Once it is dry, apply an outdoor fabric protector that will keep it safe from fading, spills, spotting and general weathering.

Wood – Clean any wooden sections with an appropriate wood cleaner, a bucket and rag. Avoid soaking the furniture with a hose and allowing it to become overly wet, especially if it hasn’t been properly sealed. If it’s untreated or hasn’t been in some time, too much water can draw out the natural oils and cause splitting when it does dry. The best way to protect wood is with paint, which acts as a barrier to moisture and light. If you prefer the natural wood look, find a waterproof sealer that has UV protection to give you all-weather protection and won’t discolor or crack with sun exposure.

Metal – Aluminium and steel furniture provide a durable and easy to clean surface for outdoor use. They can be hosed off and are easy to paint and retouch when the color chips or fades. If your furniture is made from steel, it will be prone to rust where the protective coating comes off, requiring sanding prior to a touch up. A fantastic and long-lasting option for metal furniture and frames is powder coating. While this is not usually a DIY project, the benefits come in the form of durability and longevity and can last years, so pick a color you will be sure to like for a long time.

Prevention is Key to Protecting Patio Furniture

No matter what materials you have in your outdoor living space, the best way to protect patio furniture from the sun is to store or cover it when it’s not in use. Many retailers offer covers designed for general shapes or for specific sets. If you can’t find the cover for your set, the manufacturer should be able to point you in the right direction. One of our partners, Outdoor Kitchens NW, also carries a full line of outdoor coverings and furniture to enhance your outdoor living space.

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