How To Move Plants Indoors

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to move  plants indoors (especially fragile plants) for the Oregon winter. This can be tricky, so we’d thought we’d share our thoughts on how to successfully get your plants indoors and into protection from the elements.

how to move potted plants indoors for the winter in Oregon

Transition is Key When You  Move Plants Indoors

Because our houses are so much drier than conditions outdoors (especially in the Pacific NW), you’ll need to find the best way to transition your plants before moving them indoors. For about a week before moving them in the house for good, move the plants to a garage, sun porch, unheated greenhouse, or sheltered patio so they can adjust to drier and warmer conditions. If you bring them straight into the house, they could be shocked by the much warmer and drier conditions, so don’t skip this.

Pick the Right Spot for Potted Plants Indoors

Look for a spot in your house where your plants will be the most comfortable. Considering most plants thrive in full sun during their growing season, try to find the sunniest location in the house to situate them in. Plants want moisture in the air as well. If your house is too dry, their leaves may become brittle, brown and fall off. Watch that your sunny location doesn’t get too warm. Plants prefer cooler temperatures. 60 degrees during the day, and roughly 10 degrees cooler at night. This may not be feasible in your home, but try to find the sunniest, coolest spot, with the most humidity for your plants.

Think of the Winter as Plant Vacation

Winter is the resting period for your plants. You generally do not need to fertilize plants in the winter. Water the plants just enough to keep them moist. They won’t need as much water as in the growing season.

If you follow these instructions when you move plants indoors, you should find that your plants are bursting to get back outdoors come springtime. Again, consider transitioning them back outdoors when you are ready. At All Oregon Landscaping, we love sharing key gardening and landscaping information with our readers as a way to bridge the gap between client and business. We hope you found this post helpful, and if so you may be interested in our other winter landscaping posts:

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