Landscape Lighting for Winter

As the winter approaches, you will notice that it begins to get darker much earlier, and that days are shortened. To keep things bright and to remind yourself of warmth, it is a good idea to add some landscape lighting for the winter to your landscape. This can be done in the form of LED lighting, or decorative lights to add to the atmosphere of the holiday season. In the Northwest, in places like Portland, West Linn and Lake Oswego, the temperatures can get especially cold during the fall and winter months, and people need reminders of the warmth that is to come soon while they endure the biting cold. There are many ways to add lighting to your landscape during the winter for both practical reasons and aesthetic reasons. The new landscape lights will brighten and enhance the look of your landscape, giving it a bright glow. In addition, it will make is safer, as anyone walking through will be able to see their way, and the lights will deter any potential wrong doers.

When deciding where to place your landscape lighting, take a walk around your landscape and figure out which parts of the landscape you wish to enhance with lighting. There are of course, the necessary places, such as the walkways and the stairwells. You will want these places visible to avoid injury and to make walking up to the door when coming home after dark much easier. And of course, you want to make the decorative aspects of your landscape more conspicuous even during the night. For walkways, try smaller landscape lights that line the walkway, making the walkway illuminated during the night. You can make these protruding lights, or smaller lights that are embedded into the walkway itself. There are lights that are activated once someone steps foot onto the walkway. Motion censor lights are a great idea for walkways and stairways. They will make seeing your way while taking your dog for a late night walk much easier, and they save energy because they do not have to be on all the time.

You may also have certain aspects of your landscape that you wish to highlight during the night hours. Those are also great places to put landscape lighting. If there is a plant or a decorative aspect of your aspect that can be highlighting, do so with alluring landscape lights. They will make your landscape appealing even during the dark hours. Some plants look their best under bright lights during the night. If the tree, plant or flower is particularly unique, you will of course want to highlight it. Try getting landscape lights that match the theme of your landscape, so that they blend in during the day when they are not in use. You do not want the lights to be unsightly and stand out in a bad way during the daytime hours. You have many choices for landscape lights, so choose the one that not only fits in with the landscape, but can do the job in lighting the area for when it needs to be illuminated.

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