How To Manage Shade in Oregon

Summer is officially in full swing, and in Oregon, this leaves many with mixed feelings regarding shade. With Oregon’s plethora of tall pines and big shade trees, some homeowners are left with more shade then they’d like. They often lament about having no idea what to plant or how to manage their wealth of shade. Others, find that the summer brings an unwelcome flood of sunlight to their landscape with no respite for plants or people attempting to enjoy their yard. Whether you have too much shade or not enough, there are plenty of ways to manage shade in your landscape design.

How To Handle Too Much Shade

The Pacific Northwest is full of options when it comes to plants that thrive in the shade. Adding color is always a bonus, so here are our favorites for boosting color in the shade.

File:Helleborus x Hybridus, pink Lenten Rose - - 1754570.jpg
Helleborus orientalis hybrids are a perfect pop of color in the shade.
  • Amythest Flower: If you love blue flowers, then this annual is perfect. Amethyst flower has star-shaped blooms of bright blue, sky blue, violet, and white. Also works well in containers.
  • Astibilbe ‘Fanal’: These perennials  make excellent bouquets of red plumes throughout June and July in Oregon.
  • Helleborus orientalis hybrids, Lenten Rose: Orientalis hybrids offer a wide range of flower diversity such as picotee edge, double bloom, exquisite spotting in the flowers, and upward facing flowers. The oreintalis hybrids are also simple to grow and take care of.

How To Create More Shade

Creating shade can be accomplished in whatever way fits your specific tastes. Here are just a couple of the easiest options.

Manage shade in your Oregon landscape design
Shade provided from a mature oak.
  • Shade Trees: Shade trees work well for large yards and for free roaming pets. Our favorites are fruit trees (cherry, pear, and apple work well in Oregon), and several varieties of birch, elm, and oak.
  • Pergolas: A pergola can be designed to match your house or outdoor kitchen and can usually be constructed fairly quickly. We love adding in some shade panels with outdoor fabric or other materials to give yard dwellers a respite from the sun in the sunny summer months.

All Oregon Landscaping Can Create or Manage Shade

pergola to manage shade by All Oregon Landscaping
Pergola designed by All Oregon Landscaping to help manage shade.

See more Pergola, Arbors, and Trellises.

Want to build a pergola? Need help planting just the right shade trees? Want to know what other plants to plant in complete shade? We’ve got your covered. All Oregon Landscaping is experienced in any type of sun or shade, and nothing makes us shy away from creating captivating landscape designs. View some of our past work in some of our previous blog posts:

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Contact All Oregon Landscaping now to see our ideas for how to manage the shade in your landscape.

Helleborus flower by Jonathan Billinger [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Oak Tree By Fiona Storey [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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