Excelerite-Mother Nature’s balancer

For people having a difficult time getting their plants and gardens to grow, they may be confused as to what could be wrong and what they can do about it. Quite often, the problem is nothing more than a lack of necessary nutrients in the soil. Over time, nutrients and minerals necessary for healthy plant growth have been depleted.  A proper pH balance in the soil is necessary for lawns and plants.  These needed minerals must be restored somehow.  Excelerite is a natural occurring element that helps promote a balanced pH level in the soil.

A great product that replenishes minerals to the soil is Excelerite, which is available in powdered form. This substance is completely natural and non-toxic, and has been proven to increase farm crop yields in different climates. Ready to spread right out of the package, this dry powder will restore the lost minerals and nutrients that the soil must have before healthy plants can grow.

With Excelerite, there has been no crushing, enhancing, or modification as is the case with artificial soil enhancers. It is ready to use in its original natural form, just as potent as Mother Nature made it. Maximizing the health of the soil will assure that plants will remain healthy for years, while being better able to resist extreme temperatures.   The Northwest is famous for its streaks of weather.  Hot spells, cold snaps, dry season and the most famous of them all rainy season, Excelerite can provide a buffer to these extreme swings from the environment.

Increasing the fertility of the soil by adding Excelerite will promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms, which will do their part to keep plants healthy. A re-mineralized lawn will also produce plants that need less irrigation. This nutrient enrichment will also make plants more resistant to drought and diseases.  Excelerite helps keep the balance of soil to a pH level between 6.7-7.3

Farmers who have made a long-term investment in soil replenishment using Excelerite have found it to be an affordable way to increase crop yields while reducing the cost of irrigation and pesticides. Many have been amazed at how they have been able to improve their yield in less than a year. This great product will work well in lawns and gardens, enhancing the growth of bright beautiful plants.

This mineral has many benefits, talk to All Oregon Landscaping to see if this product is something your yard would benefit from.

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