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Our greatest love here at All Oregon Landscaping is sacrificing a perfectly decent Saturday to work outside, building a fire pit or installing a new deck. That’s what we do—we’re people who prefer the great green outdoors to all else and we genuinely love working with you to turn your property into a masterpiece that suits you and your lifestyle.

But what matters most isn’t our greatest love; it’s your greatest love. If you’re reading our blog, you may already be intrigued with the idea of changing something about the way your home or yard looks. You may be ready for something new or different, or you may want to refresh your garden or spruce up a nook that receives lots of sunlight during the summer. You may have spent years rattling around in the same yard ready for a change, or are just moving in to a new place that needs some special help. You may have an exact idea about what you want or perhaps you have a quiet feeling that something could be better, or more beautiful, or more like something you’ve seen at a neighbor’s house or online. Whatever the reason you’ve landed here on our website, our staff enjoys planning new projects and completing them. Call us—we’d like to tour your property and then show you what we can do.

We have found wonderful opportunities to see things we otherwise might never see, like a long, winding basalt stone pathway that stretches from the back door of one Beaverton family’s home, through a small wooded area, and towards the yard of a friendly neighbor.

The view of Lake Oswego is a delight—especially in summer and especially from the yard of a house where the patio has been designed and built by one of the project managers at All Oregon Landscaping.

And then there’s the amazing plant life, and the water features, and the hardscapes that we can do…

In order to properly understand the All Oregon Landscaping Crew, we need to go all the way back to 1981, when Craig Prunty first started designing and installing gardens and ponds in Oregon and Washington. Craig brought his younger brother Tony on board in 1990, and with Tony’s specialized expertise in construction and architecture, they have a combined 53 years of experience creating spectacular landscapes in Portland, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Tualatin, and West Linn.

And there’s nothing quite like the passion of those who love their yards so much they are willing to open them up to a team of strangers (see the above list of Oregonians—we’re strangers now but we may quickly become friends) to wander through them, trampling across lawns and through flowerbeds. We frequently notice that local homeowners are every bit as fun as their properties are.

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